The Camel

The Camel is known as the ship of the desert. Our pilgrimage to the Holy City would not be successful if we did not have access to camels. Camels travel through the desert requiring very little water and can provide their passengers with milk that will sustain a person for a month in the desert.

Our ships of the desert will take us to oases in the desert where the dates grow, and fresh water springs up. Camels can carry from 150kg to 450 kg in weight depending on their size and breed. Three passengers, 100kg of dates and 100 kg of water stored in leather skins can be carried by one camel alone. This load and the camel's milk will sustain life in the desert for a month. A distance of 250 to 400 kms could be traversed in that month. The camel could cover 45 to 55 kms per day.

The three humped camel and the distances it can travel each day remind us of the 3rd surah of the Koran where from ayat 45-55 we find 12 attributes of Isa the Son of Mary.

  1. Isa is the Word of God
  2. the Saviour of all mankind
  3. the Messiah or anointed One
  4. the teacher of the Law of God, the books of wisdom, and the Gospel
  5. a Messenger to the children of Israel
  6. a Sign from the Lord
  7. the giver of life
  8. the healer of the blind and the lepers
  9. the One who raises the dead
  10. He made disciples, people submitted to God
  11. the One who was raised up to Allah
  12. and the One who shows us the way to Heaven

These 12 attributes in the Koran teach us about Isa (Jesus).

The word CAMEL has a hidden meaning in Surah 3 ayat 45-55 of the Koran.

C - Chosen - Mary was chosen
A - Angels announced her pregnancy
M - Miracles - Isa performed miracles
E - Eternal Life - Isa gives eteral life
L - Life - Isa came to give abundant life

The Word of God was given to us to guide us on the right path, (surah 3 ayah 51 (b)).

We need to know the right path so we can find our way through the desert from one oasis to another. Without this guidance from God’s Word we could perish in the wilderness. We would never get to the Holy City.

In the Gospel of John chapter 14 verse 6, Isa (Jesus) said ‘I am the way the truth and the life, no one comes to the Father (God) but through Me.’ In the Word of God - Isa is the way. We cross the desert safely following Him and His Word because He is the Word (Koran 3 ayah 45).

His Word is food and drink to our spirits. Drinking the water Jesus provides will cause us to never thirst again, (John 4 verse 13). Jesus said that His food was to do the will of the Father (God), (John 4 verse 34). Some people say that the Gospels have been corrupted. What does the Koran say about that? ‘Perfected is the Word of the Lord in truth and justice. There is nothing that can change His words. He is the hearer and the knower.’ (Surah 6 ayah 115) A Muslim named Muhammad Ed Dib found the proof that the Tawrat & Zabur had not been corrupted in 1947. (Go to for the evidence).

‘If you are in doubt concerning that which We reveal unto you, then question those who read the Scripture before you. Verily the Truth from the Lord has come unto you, so be not of the doubters.’ (Surah 10 ayah 94)

The Koran is a bridge to the Gospel (Injil). Remember that surah 3 ayah 50 says, 'Isa is a sign from Allah/God and you should obey Him. '

To remember the name Isa, use this acronym, ISA.
1. Isa is righteous - Surah 3 ayah 46
2. Isa’s name means Saviour - ayah 45
3. Isa gives us Access to the Holy City - ayah 55.


The next story in our series, The Prophet, the Lion and the Bear,  is about the power King David received from God to overcome a lion and the bear so he could protect His father’s sheep. On our pilgrimage we will meet dangerous and wild animals and we need God’s power to overcome them.

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